Sunday, July 31, 2011

WEEKLY PREVIEW: Breaking Bad S4 E3 "Open House"

Breaking Bad airs 10PM Sundays on AMC
  Breaking Bad has been off to a pretty good start so far.  Last week left us with a clifhanger.  What is going to happen this week?  Where is that notebook that was found at the end of the episode and who has possession of it? 
  Check out the synopsis and preview video for this weeks episode entitled "Open House".  Looks like things are about to get even better.  Breaking Bad airs at 10PM on Sundays only on AMC.

Breaking Bad S4 E3 "Open House" Synopsis-
"Goings-on at Jesse's place start to get out of control; Skyler reluctantly turns to Saul for help; Marie settles back into an old habit; and Hank hears from an old friend who has an unusual request."

Breaking Bad S4 E3 "Open House" Preview-

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  1. so when do the weekly previews of Jersey Shore start? i know you're a big fan :)