Sunday, July 31, 2011

WEEKLY PREVIEW: Curb Your Enthusiasm S8 E4 "The Smiley Face"

Curb Your Enthusiasm airs Sundays 10PM on HBO
  "Curb Your Enthusiasm" has been on a roll this season.  LD is funnier than ever this season and I can't wait to see when he finally gets to NYC. 
  After a new season of Curb airs LD is always stating that he is done with the show; however he always winds up coming back to do another season.  This year is a little different. 
  HBO is reporting that this years season of Curb Your Enthusiasm has the highest amount of viewers in the history of the show! 
  Whether it's the lead-in from True Blood or just because this season has viewers crying from laughter, we can only hope for an additional season.  Here is this weeks synopsis and trailer:

Curb Your Enthusiasm S8 E4 "The Smiley Face" Synopsis-
Larry has an encounter with his neighbor, and attempts to break a dating taboo.           

Curb Your Enthusiasm S8 E4 "The Smiley Face" Preview-

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