Sunday, July 31, 2011

WEEKLY PREVIEW: Entourage S8 E2 "Out With A Bang"

Entourage airs Sundays 10PM on HBO
  WOW!  Entourage was great last week.  In case you missed it, Vince got out of rehab, Mrs. Ari is seeing someone else, Drama is trying to protect his "Big Bro", Eric is no longer engaged to Sloan, AND Vinces' house burned down.  Like Vince said, "Time for new beginnings". 
  All that in one episode?  For a full recap check out the video after the jump along with this week's synopsis and trailer of "Out With A Bang". Also.... THE DICE MAN IS BACK! Entourage airs every Sunday night at 10:30 PM only on HBO!

Entourage S8E1 Home Sweet Home Recap-

Recap #89

Entourage S8 E2 "Out With A Bang" Synopsis-
"Vince asks Billy Walsh (Rhys Coiro) to review his miner-movie idea as a vehicle for Drama. Meanwhile, Ari forces Lloyd to retrace his steps when he hears disturbing news about Mrs. Ari; Drama's "Johnny's Bananas" costar Andrew Dice Clay needs representation; and Eric plays phone tag with Sloan."

Entourage S8 E2 "Out With A Bang" Preview-

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  1. Of course we know that E will eventually either convince Sloan to stay and they get together, or he will move to NY to be with her as Entourage's way of channeling Disney kids movie endings, but I still find it so hard to watch the poor guy struggle! He just tries so hard and is so sincere with everything, yet you see when Sloan just wakes up and leaves how confused and unsure of himself he evidenced by when he talks about it with the guys after he sleeps with her (watch at yeah gotta love the use of that Rootbeer song "Girlies" in that scene, that's so catchy

    Anyway, good episode, glad the show's back and can't wait to see how this season goes...