Sunday, August 14, 2011

Austin Powers 4 Is Making Progress

Mike Myers as Austin Powers
    After not doing any roles since major comedy 2008's "The Love Guru" (minus Shrek), Mike Myers is coming back as the character we all loved him for (I wish it was Wayne Campbell). He has officially signed on to play Austin Powers and Dr. Evil in the next installment of the Austin Powers series.  The tentativly titled film Austin Powers 4 doesn't have a release date and is still in the very early process.  However, a plot line for the film has been rumored to have been released.  According to the rumor, the focus on the film will actually be more on Powers' nemesis Dr. Evil more so than the International Man of Mystery himself.  The only other information that has been released is that supposidly Seth Green has signed on as well to reprise his role as Dr. Evil's son.  Let's hope Myers doesn't screw this up like his poorly-received 2008 film "The Love Guru".

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