Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wanna laugh? Check this out!

  I just found this video on youtube that made me laugh my ass of and I thought I'd share it with everyone.  I don't want to spoil it for you just give it a couple seconds.  I wonder if this has ever happened to Snoop in the studio.

America Doesn't Know Talent

  I know I know I'm talking about American Idol.  To tell you the truth; I never even really watched it until this season.  This season has been awesome and had a lot of great talent.  However, one of the two (in my opinion) most talented contestants (Casey Abrams and James Durbin) just got kicked off.  Casey Abrams got voted off on Thursday night's show.  This just prooves that the people who vote for American Idol would rather have someone who isn't a true artist with the competition.  Check out the two Casey Abrams videos and more after the jump.

It's Been Two Years... Time For Some New Black Dahlia

  Keeping up with the pattern of releasing a new album every two years, (Unhallowed in 2003, Miasma in 2005, Nocturnal in 2007, Deflorate in 2009, and now Ritual in 2011) The Black Dahlia Murder is now set for their new release.  The album "Ritual" will be hitting the streets on June 21st via Metal Blade Records.  The album was produced by Mark Lewis (Trivium, Bury Your Dead, Deicide) who also worked on their last release "Deflorate". 


    Microsoft has unveiled a video from "Microsoft Office Labs" entitled "2019".  This video shows what Microsoft envisions in the future when it comes to Technology.  So put down your tablet PC (unless your reading this on it), your I Phones, your Android phone, etc. and check out this video. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring/Sumer Movie Preview w/Trailers

  Summer time brings the audiences to the movies.  That's when most film studios bring out their big blockbusters.  This summer there are some great films coming out involving hangovers, stabbings, transformers, mutants, aliens, and bad teachers.  Still interested? Then check out all of the previews after the jump and if its a rainy day this spring/summer, definitely check out a couple of these movies.

Going Where No 80 Year Old Bloated Man Has Gone Before!!!

  I must say... good ol' Bill's career is definitely picking up some steam.  He has 3 pretty descent shows on tv (Shatner's Raw Nerve on The Biography Channel, Weird or What? on The Discovery Channel and S#*! My Dad Says on CBS) and even made a wake up call for the spaceshuttle Discovery on March 7, 2011 ( the nice wake up call consisted of: "Space, the final frontier. These have been the voyages of the Space Shuttle Discovery. Her 30 year mission: To seek out new science. To build new outposts. To bring nations together on the final frontier. To boldly go, and do, what no spacecraft has done before.")  Is there anything else left in him?  Perhaps a TJ Hooker movie?  Or maybe even a new Star Trek movie (Star Trek XXXX: The Wrath of Diaper Rash)?  I would say no to all of those questions.
  However, he is coming out with a new record and it's.... wait for it..... ...... metal?  Yup... metal.  The cover album consists of some musicians you may have heard of (Ritchie Blackmore and Ian Paice of Deep Purple, Mike Inez of Alice In Chains, Steve Howe of Yes, Peter Frampton, Johnny Winter, and even Zakk Wylde (pictued above w/ Shatner) of Ozzy and Black Label Society).  I might actually have to go out and pick up this record.  The track listing is listed below along with some video footage of Zakk Wylde in the studio with Shatner.  Check it out.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Madden 12: Lockout

Big thanks to Adam Schefter of ESPN for this amazing new picture of the cover art of the next Madden game.  This may be coming by this summer if the distributors and video game engineers can come to terms. 

No but seriously, I wonder what this game would bring to the video gaming community if it were real.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Finish Him!

  Two words any male in their 20s will remember from their child hood: "FINISH HIM!"    Remember when there were actual "arcades"?  Using the simple joy stick and simple jump and kick buttons to disembowel your opponents chest and have blood squirting all over the screen? Seems pretty archaic now when you see the graphics of the new Call of Duty games or watch someone use a motion sensor controller to bowl or play golf (hey kiddies I had Duck Hunt which was the best game ever so shove it).  To put it simply, Mortal Kombat WAS...THE...GAME to play.  Then there came the multiple spinoffs/sequels, merchandise and movies.  However there was always something missing.  A really well done action packed movie.

  Well, now there is.  Not a movie per say but a collection of webisodes.  They are extremely well done and will definitly bring back back the times of actually spending twenty five cents on a video game.  I remember there would be a line to be able to play the game at your local arcade (now your lucky to even be able to find an arcade that can stay in buisness for over a year). 

  All the characters you have grown to love including Sub Zero, Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Sonya, Jacks, etc. are back for a great story.  Enough of my rambiling and check it out for yourself.  The first video is what was first launched on the web last year (DEFINITELY CHECK OUT FIRST) and the second one is the actual first episode.  Check them out if you knew what was good for you.  Just remember: "Fatality... WINS!"

Mortal Kombat Trailer from 2010

Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 1

Monday, April 11, 2011

CD Review- As Blood Runs Black: Instinct

  I can still remember the time I first heard this band.  I was hanging out with a couple of my friends in my buddy's dorm room and I got a phone call from a friend at home.  He told me I needed to check out this band on myspace and they were killer.  It was late 2005 and it was the end of a night that included drinking some deer's blood and a concoction I learned about from a friend of mine called Skippy's (trust me if you knew what was in it you wouldn't drink it).  I crawled up to my room and dialed up Myspace.  What I heard was brutal as all hell.  The breakdowns made me yell out "DIESEL" and the fact that they were able to quote Wu Tang and actually not make it sound horrible was awesome.   The overall production of the record was even amazing.  The record had so much low end on it that it rocked my crappy computer speakers.  Thats when I got introduced to As Blood Runs Black.

  Six years and twelve band members later (including five vocalist changes) comes their sophomore record "Instinct".  I don't even think All Out War or Poison The Well had more lineup changes then them.  Maybe that can contribute to the fact that this record is just another prime example of a genre of music that has become extremely stale.

  The songwriting is practically the same on every song (especially the first half of the record): Fast paced tempo, then same part played but a little slower and more double bass, blast beat, breakdown, repeat, add 3 more breakdowns and make sure each one is slower then the next to end the song.

  There were a couple of highlights on the record that showed promise including: "King of Thrones", "Echos of an Era", and the self titled "Instinct".  The guitars in these songs show that they are improving on their sound.  I'd like to see them go more in that direction.  Oddly enough "Instinct" is the last song on the record and their best.  It doesn't really consist of any breakdowns and is written very well.

  All in all, As Blood Runs Black's new record did not deliver and fell very short.  The first half of the record is like listening to their first record "Allegiance".  The second half does have some promise which is why I'm not giving this record 3/10.

  This band was such a promising band.  Maybe it was all the lineup changes, maybe it was they only had one record in them but this record didn't really do it for me.  "Instinct" does give me a sliver of hope for the future so I will probably check out their next record.  However, their sophomore release just didn't hit me like their debut did.  They definitly didn't "Bring Da Ruckus" on this record.


Call of Duty Black Ops Expansion Announced

In case you have been living in a cave the past couple years (or just simply not into video games in the action genre and prefer your simple and free versions of Minesweeper and Solitaire) the Call of Duty franchise has taken the video game industry by storm. The latest installment (Call of Duty: Black Ops) was released on November 9th in the US and within its first five days of being on the shelves sold 2 MILLION COPIES!  Within those 5 days it was also stated by Activision that the game grossed $650 MILLION DOLLARS!

Activision and Treyarch just announced that they are going to be rolling out the new content pack on May 3rd through XBox Live.  Check out the official press release for more info:

"The global phenomenon that is Call of Duty®: Black Ops, which has set video game and entertainment records, is poised to raise the stakes on May 3rd with the release of its second content pack Call of Duty®: Black Ops Escalation. Call of Duty: Black Ops continues to attract millions of gamers around the world online, logging more than 2 billion hours played and counting. The game's debut content pack, First Strike, shattered Xbox LIVE® launch records upon its release in February when it surpassed 1.4 million downloads in the first 24 hours alone. The follow up content pack, Escalation, will launch first on Xbox LIVE and features four all-new multiplayer maps, and a Zombies experience like none before it

"In crafting the Escalation multiplayer maps – Zoo, Convoy, Hotel and Stockpile – the team developed them to be distinct experiences in their own right, giving players the variety they crave in both setting and gameplay," said Treyarch Studio Head, Mark Lamia. "And I don't want to spoil any surprises for Zombies fans, but Call of the Dead takes it to a whole new level."

Developed by Treyarch and published by Activision Publishing, Inc., Call of Duty: Black Ops is rated "M" (Mature) by the ESRB for Blood and Gore, Intense Violence and Strong Language. For additional Call of Duty updates, visit and also via Twitter @Treyarch.

Additionally, to celebrate the upcoming release of Escalation, Treyarch will host a Double XP weekend beginning Friday, May 6th.

Foo Fighters On SNL

The Foo Fighters are gearing up for their new album that drops tomorrow (Tuesday April 11th). To promote the release (entitled "Wasting Light) they performed their newest single "Rope" on Saturday Night Live on Saturday night.  Check out a preview of the new record here and check out the video below.

Foo Fighters: Rope (Live On SNL 04/09/11)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

South African Wins Masters Tournament?

The Masters are finally over (if you haven't noticed). The Winner? Charl "Who The Hell" Schwartzel (a white South African).  And on to who the public actually knows: Tiger Woods.  So did Tiger Woods come back and win his fifth jacket?  Did he finally kick all the hookers and porn stars to the curb and instead start practicing with his balls and clubs? (hmm... hookers, pornstars, balls, clubs?  Nah there's no way he was a sex addict.)  Well it definitely wasn't his best tournament. Tiger Woods did come in tied for fourth ahead of man breasted Phil Mickelson.  If he would have just drank his Tigers blood he might have stood a chance to the White South African.  But at least he scored better than his man breasted rival.

Unearth/Suicide Silence Tour + Mayhem Fest

    The five shredders that make up Unearth announced that they will be headlining a couple shows before they play on Mayhem Fest this year.  As if things couldn't get better for them this summer they also announced they will be playing some off dates with fellow Mayhem Fest band Suicide Silence.
7/5 Lubbock, TX @ Jakes
7/6 El Paso, TX @ Club 101
7/8 Las Vegas, NV @ Hard Rock Cafe

Unearth, Suicide Silence and All Shall Parish
7/11 Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theater 
7/18 Lawrence, KS @ Granada Theater 
7/25 Syracuse, NY @ The Lost Horizon 
7/26 Auburn, ME @ Club Texas 
8/4 Cleveland, OH @ Peabody's 
8/11 Memphis, TN @ New Daisy Theatre 

If you can't make it out to these dates please check them out along with Disturbed, Godsmack, Megadeth, Machinehead,  In Flames, Trivium, Dethklok (select dates only),  Hatebreed (select dates only), Testament (select dates only), All Shall Parish, Straight Line Stitch, Kingdom of Sorrow, and Red Fang. For tour dates and more info check out Rockstar Mayhem's Website.

Deadly Sinners!

Epic metallers 3 Inches of Blood have released a new track on their facebook page.  The track comes from the Canadian Metallers upcoming 7" (no release date has been set yet).  Check out the following link to hear the new track: Lords of Change. Click the "like" button to play.  So grab an ice cold brew, raise your horns up high and check it out.  Trust me... you won't regret it.

In The Beginning....

So here we are.  Supposedly blogging is the new thing.  Always heard of it; however, never tried it.  So I figured I give it a try.  I'm not the best writer, but give a guy a chance.  Its almost time to burn the oil.  It's 11:59..... not quite midnight yet but just like the end of Charlie Sheen's career; it's almost time!