Sunday, August 21, 2011

VIDEO: Times Of Grace- Live In Love

Times Of Grace: Adam D (left) and Jesse Leach (right)
Times Of Grace
The Hymn of a Broken Man
  Metal group Times of Grace featuring Adam D from Killswitch Engage and Jesse Leach from Killswitch Engage, The Empire Shall Fall, and Seemless have released a new video from their 2011 released "The Hymn of a Broken Man".  The video for Live In Love can be seen below.
  If you are a fan of Killswitch Engage's record "Alive Or Just Breathing" then I highly recommend picking up this record.  In my opinion, I think it is one of the best records of the past year and may even be one of the best metal records to come for the next couple years.  You can pick up "The Hymn of a Broken Man" at your local record shop.

Times of Grace: Live In Love-

Metallica/Lou Reed Update

James Hetfield (left) and Lou Reed (right)
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 The Metallica/Lou Reed collaboration finally has a release date.  The record will see it's release on October 31st across the pond and November 1st in North America.  Can't wait for this new record!  Check out all the details from a previous article on our blog here.

1980's Classic "Wargames" Getting A Remake

Source: Deadline and Screen Rant  
WarGames Poster
 Anyone who was a kid in the 80s will remember the classic film Wargames.  Well, as it turns out, Wargames is getting a makeover.  The website is reporting that the 1983 John Badham (Saturday Night Fever, Wargames, Short Circuit) classic is getting the reboot.  As you may recall, the original starring Matthew Broderick (Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Glory, The Cable Guy) told the story of a young computer genius who hacked into a government system and (thinking that it's a game) accidentally initializes a computerized countdown to a nuclear weapons launch which could in turn cause World War III. 
  As of right now, Seth Gordon is attatched to direct. You may recall Seth Gordon as he is no stranger to films about video games. Gordon directed the documentary King of Kong.  More recently, he helmed the film Horriable Bosses.  Let's hope that the remake isn't as bad as the 2006 direct-to-dvd sequal Wargames: The Dead Code. 

REVIEW: Sinners Saints- Livin' It Up

Sinners Saints 2011
   It isn't very often that you hear a band on the radio these days that will "WOW" you.  Most of the garbage on the radio today doesn't deserve all the airplay they receive.  Most radio stations play the same songs hour after hour after hour.  Bands today forget how to rock and they wind up sticking to the same formula that has been used for the past ten or so years.  Even when you go to bars to see local bands, not much stands out.  The band you see on one Friday may sound exactly the same as the band you saw the previous week. A local band from Philadelphia has changed that way of thinking; that band is hard rockers Sinners Saints

Sunday, August 14, 2011

All Else Failed New Track

  Philadelphia band All Else Failed is set to release a five song EP on War Torn Records.  The record (entitled Wouldn't Wish This On Anyone) is set to be released this weekend. You can hear the new explosive track entitled He Is Not Long For This World below.  Make sure to pick up the record and support this great band!  Check out their profile here. The following is the track listing:
Wouldn't Wish This On Anyone EP-
01. He Is Not Long For This World
02. The Fine Line Between Big Plans And Tall Orders
03. On Crutches
04. Wouldn't Wish This On Anyone
05. Route 3

All Else Failed: He Is Not Long For This World-

VIDEO: Chimaira- Year Of The Snake video

  Metal band Chimaira have recently released a new music video for the track "Year of the Snake".  The song comes off of their upcoming record "The Age of Hell".  The record is set to be released on Tuesday August 16th.  Make sure to pick it up when it comes out.  Check out the new video below:

Chimaira: Year of the Snake-

VIDEO: Darkest Hour: Love As A Weapon

Metal Band: Darkest Hour
  Metal band Darkest Hour has released a new video for their song "Love As A Weapon".  The song comes off of their 2011 release "The Human Romance".  The Human Romance is out now and can be found at your local record store.  Check out the music video below:

Darkest Hour: Love As A Weapon-

VIDEO: Harold and Kumar Are Back This Christmas

A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas Poster
Source: Yahoo! Movies and

  Buddies Harold and Kumar are coming back to theaters this christmas.  They will be burning up the screens (literally) just in time to spread some holiday joy.  The new installment in the series entitled "A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas" is set to be released on November 4th.
  The new film picks up six years after the duo last were seen in Amsterdam.  Of course we can expect Neil Patrick Harris to be back for the follow-up to 2008's "Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay".  The film will be coming to theaters in 3D.  The wonders of what they will do in 3D alone makes me wanna go see this film as soon as it comes out!
  You can be sure that they will try to utilize and take full advantage of the film being in 3D.  I'm almost thinking kind of how Jackass 3D utilized the technology.  By showing how absurd the technology is more than trying to make a great film with amazing effects.
  Check out the synopsis and trailer for the upcoming film after the jump.  Again, "A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas" will be released in theaters November 4th.

VIDEO: New Star Wars Blu-Ray Trailer

  As reported a couple of weeks ago, Star Wars is set to be released on September 16th with over 40 hours of never before seen footage.  This may actually make me go get a blu-ray player finally!  A new trailer for the box set has been released and can be seen below:

Star Wars The Complete Sage (on blu-ray)-

Austin Powers 4 Is Making Progress

Mike Myers as Austin Powers
    After not doing any roles since major comedy 2008's "The Love Guru" (minus Shrek), Mike Myers is coming back as the character we all loved him for (I wish it was Wayne Campbell). He has officially signed on to play Austin Powers and Dr. Evil in the next installment of the Austin Powers series.  The tentativly titled film Austin Powers 4 doesn't have a release date and is still in the very early process.  However, a plot line for the film has been rumored to have been released.  According to the rumor, the focus on the film will actually be more on Powers' nemesis Dr. Evil more so than the International Man of Mystery himself.  The only other information that has been released is that supposidly Seth Green has signed on as well to reprise his role as Dr. Evil's son.  Let's hope Myers doesn't screw this up like his poorly-received 2008 film "The Love Guru".