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REVIEW: Sinners Saints- Livin' It Up

Sinners Saints 2011
   It isn't very often that you hear a band on the radio these days that will "WOW" you.  Most of the garbage on the radio today doesn't deserve all the airplay they receive.  Most radio stations play the same songs hour after hour after hour.  Bands today forget how to rock and they wind up sticking to the same formula that has been used for the past ten or so years.  Even when you go to bars to see local bands, not much stands out.  The band you see on one Friday may sound exactly the same as the band you saw the previous week. A local band from Philadelphia has changed that way of thinking; that band is hard rockers Sinners Saints

Sinners Saints trashing hotel room in Atlantic City, NJ
at 94.1 WYSP Event.
  Sinners Saints bring back the classic rocking riffs of Crue and mix in blistering solos that would make Slash proud. No matter what song of theirs you listen to you will be sure the chorus will get stuck in your head (I can't begin to tell you how many times I've been sitting at my desk at work catching myself singing "GIMME ROCK... GIMME ROLL" (Whiskey Train)). Also, these five crazy dudes know how to party hard.  In June of 2010, the boys destroyed hotel rooms in Atlantic City with rock legend Sebastian Bach and MTV's Jackass crew as part of an even created by Philadelphia's 94.1 WYSP.  Sinners Saints have shared the stage with bands such as LA Guns, John Corabi, Molly Hatchet, Taproot, Blue Oyster Cult, and even Skid Row. 
Sinners Saints Live from L to R: Bones, Donny, Joe
  If you ever have a chance to go see them live don't miss out on the presence they have on stage.  Donny's commanding lead over the crowd is something to see.  They don't stop moving on stage from the start to the finish of their set.  Joe and Bones know how to get the cheers from the crowd when they lean up against one another rockin' harder than the bands they share the stage with that night.
  Their new song (entitled Livin' It Up) is their newly released song that makes me wanting some more.  Livin' It Up opens with Donny singing the chorus that will have you screaming TOO MUCH IS JUST A STATE OF MIND by the songs end.  Once Donnie lets out the last note of the chorus, it's off to the races. The rest of the band (Bones, Joe, Dave, and Rob) come in harder than ever blasting you in the face with pure rock.  The heavy guitar riffs and blistering solos from Bones and Joe will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up while Rob and Dave keep it all together on drums and bass.  Dave's fills match up perfectly with the rhythm of Donny's vocals. Livin' It Up proves that Sinners Saints is a well-oiled machine that is ready to give an onslaught of heavy hitting Rock N' Roll to the masses.
Sinners Saints Live
  If Livin' It Up is just a sliver of what we can expect from the band's next record, then you can damn well be sure that it will be just as good (if not better) than their first EP (2009's "Bad Habits"). When asked about when we can expect this song to be released, Joe (rhythm guitar) stated:
  "Right now we're just releasing this one on its own. This fall we're going to be hitting the studio and completing an "EP" but we just wanted to get something out there fast since we haven't released anything since Dec of 2009."
  For right now, this sample (check out the widget below) will have to hold us over.  Hopefully, we will hear the new EP at some point in 2012.  Check out their dates below and if they are playing in a town near you; go out and support them.  Trust me, you won't be disappointed.
Sinners Saints Dates-
Fri. Sept. 02 - The Poor House- Ocean City, MD
Fri. Sept. 02 - Sinners Saints ROCKS Ocean City MD Labor Day Weekend
Fri. Sept. 16 - Alibi's - West Chester, PA
Sat. Sept. 17 - Rainbow Ridge Music Fest - Pipersville, PA
Sun. Oct. 16 - NATIONAL ACT SHOW - TBA - Philadelphia, PA
Sat. Nov. 05 - Carney's Tavern - Roslyn, PA
Sat. Nov. 12 - The National Underground (Downstiars) - New York, NY
Sun. Nov. 20 - Mayfair Holmesburg Thanksgiving Parade - Philadelphia, PA
Fri. Feb. 17 - Millenium Music Conference - Harrisburg, PA
Sat. Feb. 18 - Millenium Music Conference - Harrisburg, PA
Sun. Feb. 19 - Millenium Music Conference - Harrisburg, PA
Weds. Mar. 14 - SXSW - Austin, TX

Sinners Saints Songs Including Livin' It Up Preview-

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