Sunday, April 10, 2011

South African Wins Masters Tournament?

The Masters are finally over (if you haven't noticed). The Winner? Charl "Who The Hell" Schwartzel (a white South African).  And on to who the public actually knows: Tiger Woods.  So did Tiger Woods come back and win his fifth jacket?  Did he finally kick all the hookers and porn stars to the curb and instead start practicing with his balls and clubs? (hmm... hookers, pornstars, balls, clubs?  Nah there's no way he was a sex addict.)  Well it definitely wasn't his best tournament. Tiger Woods did come in tied for fourth ahead of man breasted Phil Mickelson.  If he would have just drank his Tigers blood he might have stood a chance to the White South African.  But at least he scored better than his man breasted rival.

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