Saturday, September 17, 2011


Chase Utley, Michael Stutes, and Brian Schneider

  A crowd of 45,470 people were on their feet tonight at Citizen's Bank Park to witness a spectacular point in Phillies history.  For the sold out crowd (211th straight sold out crowd to be exact) in Philadelphia it was a barehanded grab and throw to Ryan Howard that had Rafael Furcal goin' back to the dugout to end the game. 
 This makes the fifth (yes.. FIFTH!) consecutive year that the Philadelphia Phillies have won the NL East Pennant.
  The 9-2 win will be celebrated for days to come.  This was the fastest time the Phillies have won a pennant.  It only took 150 games (with the old record being 156 games set by the 1976 Phillies team).  Now that they have won the pennant and are in the playoffs, what's next before we hit October? 
Hunter Pence isn't saying Let's Go Eat tonight!
  I hope the Phillies don't let up and try to break the record that the 1976 and 1977 Phildealphia Phillies set with a 101 win season.  The one thing that makes me nervous is are they going to be to tired?  The 1976 and 1977 teams both lost in the NLCS; only time will tell.  But for now let's sit back and have a cold one for the boys!  Congrats guys you sure as hell earned it!  Here's to a parade down Broad Street and Chase Utley saying World Fucking Champions one more time!  GO PHILS!
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