Saturday, September 24, 2011

Metallica/Lou Reed Update w/ Song Preview

Metallica/Lou Reed
From L To R: Hetfield, Trujillo, Reed,
Ulrich, Hammett
  Metallica has posted a 90 second clip of a new song of their record with Lou Reed.  The song entitled "The View" is from their new record Lulu. 
  The songs from Lulu are inspired by inspired by German expressionist Frank Wedekind’s early 20th century plays “Earth Spirit” and “Pandora’s Box”.  The songs are also inspired by a rewrite of Edgar Allan Poe’s classic “The Raven". 
 This song clip makes me think of The Doors song The End. The vocals are telling a story while the music is smashing you in the face.  I can't really say its amazing or that it is bad because I definetly need to hear more. 
 I hope they put up a couple more previews of the record before it is released.  Lulu will be released on November 1st via Warner Brother Records in North America and one day earlier in the rest of the world.  Check out the tracklisting, cover art, and preview after the jump.

Metallica and Lou Reed's Record LuLu hits
record shops in North America on November 1st
01. Brandenburg Gate (4:19)
02. The View (5:17)
03. Pumping Blood (7:24)
04. Mistress Dread (6:52)
05. Iced Honey (4:36)
06. Cheat On Me (11:26)
07. Frustration (8:33)
08. Little Dog (8:01)
09. Dragon (11:08)
10. Junior Dad (19:28)

 Metallica/Lou Reed: The View (90-second Preview)-

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