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Summer 2011 TV Preview

  The start of summer is only a month and a half away (June 21st to be exact) and this is when 3/4 of my favorite shows come back on the air with new seasons. Whether its vampires, drugs, or a funny bald Jewish guy we have you covered with video and news of upcoming shows including Curb Your Enthusiasm, True Blood, Entourage, Breaking Bad, and more. Check out the news/videos after the jump:

True Blood Season: 4
Premiere Date- Sunday June 26th on HBO

  Synopsis: HBO has ordered another 12 episodes of True Blood this year. This season will not only bring vampires, werewolves and fairies but also witches into the mix. It will be loosely based on the fourth novel of the series of books by Charlaine Harris, Dead To The World.

  Where We Left Off Last Season: We finally found out what Sookie is (a fairy... yes... a fairy) and in the last episode she was taken away by her "fairy godmother". Where did she go? Who knows but I'm sure we will soon find out. Meanwhile, her boyfriend (/fiancé/who knows now) Bill tried to keep her safe from everyone finding out what she really was and in turn lost her. We also found out that there is more to the story and he was the one who orchestrated the beating of Sookie in the pilot of the series. The only reason he was with her was because the Queen had sent for her and he was obeying his queen. Finally in the last episode of the season, Bill teamed up with Eric to kill the King of Mississippi (Russell). Not only did he bury Russell in a pit of concrete, he also tried to kill Eric by burying him in the cement as well. I could go on and on about where we left off last season by explaining everything that happened with the rest of the cast, but I would be going on for hours.

  This Season: Not much has been said about Season 4 of True Blood. However, one big piece of news to come out is the fact that they will be introducing witches and black magic to the show this season. Check out a brief preview below:

Weeds Season: 7
Premiere Date- Monday June 27th on Showtime

  Synopsis:  As we say every season, what will happen to the always courageous Nancy Botwin?

  Where We Left Off Last Season: Nancy Botwin and her family (and good ol' Doug played by the always humorous Kevin Nealon) spent all of last season on the road due to her son Shane deciding to kill her ex-husbands girlfriend Pilar (end of season 5). However her husband Esteban finally catches up to the Botwin clan at the airport before they board an airplane to Copenhagen and take away Nancy. As the show comes to an end Andy, Silus, and Shane take off while Nancy walks outside the airport and turns herself in to the FBI along with her new baby's father Esteban.

  This Season: Rumors are swirling that this may be Weeds' final season. I think this show has run its course and it should end on a high note rather than going more seasons. You can tell that if they try to push out 2/3/4 more seasons the storyline will definitely start to get a little stale (it already has a couple times). Check out the newly released teaser trailer for the upcoming season below:

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season: 8
Premiere Date- Sunday July 10th on HBO

  Synopsis: Larry David goes to New York.

  Where We Left Off Last Season: The end of last season made me believe that it was truly the end of this amazingly well written series. With Larry and his wife sitting on the couch watching the reunion of Seinfeld on TV and arguing over who left the stain on Julia Louis Dryfuss' coffee table, I truly believed, "Wow what a great ending! LD will always be the same person no matter what.". The fact that Larry David focused last season on the reunion of the Seinfeld cast to film one last episode was a perfect way to end the shows' 7 season run. Thankfully, I was wrong.

  This Season: The only big bit of information that has been released is that LD will be going to New York City at some point this season. The season has a great list of guest stars including, Michael J. Fox, Rosie O'Donnell, Wanda Sykes, Ricky Gervais, Cheyenne Jackson, and others. Check out the teaser and behind the scenes of the upcoming season below:
Behind The Scenes-

Breaking Bad Season: 4
Premiere Date- Sunday July 17th on AMC

Synopsis: Did Jesse really pull the trigger on Gale? What does Gus have in store for Walter? Is Walter's soon-to-be ex-wife Skyler really starting to take Walt's side? Is Hank going to find out what his brother-in-law Hanks' real job is?

  Where We Left Off Last Season: After finding out from Gus that Walt has cancer, Gale (Walt's assistant for part of Season 3) is asked to be the new "cook" for Gus' drug business. After learning from the best (Walt), he is faced with not only a decision but a loaded gun. That's where Season 3 left off; with Jesse (Walt's longtime assistant) pointing a loaded gun at Gale. Jesse finally pulls the trigger, however, we don't know if Gale is dead or alive. Hank (Walt's brother-in-law) was in critical condition when we last saw him. He was shot by the two Mexican brothers that were going after Walt. Skyler is starting to come around too. She was last seen basically by Walt's side and starting to see that Walt is doing all this for the sake of his family. For the comic relief of the series, you know the narcissistic lawyer Saul will be back this season to add some comedy into the show. Last time we saw Saul he was trying to make an amends between Jesse and Walt.

  This Season: Nothing much is known about the upcoming season. The writers of this show tend to keep things under wraps when it comes to news about upcoming seasons. However, if it is anything like the previous 3 seasons, you know it is going to be a very well written season with great character movement done by a great cast. Check out the "Inside Breaking Bad" featurette with the cast discussing where they think Season 4 is going to go. Not much information but worthy of taking a look at:

Entourage Season: 8
Premiere Date- Sunday July 24th on HBO

  Synopsis: The last and final season.

  Where We Left Off Last Season: In one of the funniest storylines I think EVER in this show, Drama is now a cartoon character on a show entitled, "Johnny's Bannanas". Vince was wrestling with drugs all of last season and in the last episode it came to a crashing halt with him getting in a fight with Eminem and the police seeing a bag of cocaine on him when they show up. Ari also may be in the crapper with his wife wanting a separation.

  This Season: Nothing has been released about the upcoming season except for the fact that it will be its last. It is also rumored that creator Doug Ellin is planning on writing a film after the series ends. Let's pray that it is a good ending and not predictable, however, something tells me that it's going to have an extremely predictable ending. No trailers or behind the scenes videos have been uploaded as of yet; however, I found this fan made trailer which includes a recap of last season you may want to check out:

  So there you have it. Stay tuned over the next couple months for more information on these and other series'. Then you have the Fall TV Schedule with more great shows like Boardwalk Empire, Sons of Anarchy, Eastbound and Down, Californication, and many more. Gosh television has gotten really awesome the past couple years!

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